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    New clients

    Wait times vary by clinician. Current wait times are:


    Jessie Leu (accepting new clients)

    Miguel Hernandez (accepting new clients)

    Antoinette Benson (accepting new clients)

    Chloe Kaznoch (~30-60 days)

    Hallie Poor (~30-60 days)

    Rachel Drotar (~45-60 days)

    Madeline Hodgman-Korth (~60-90 days)

    Caleb Sargent (~60-90 days)

    Celestia Helbrede (~60-90 days)

    Katherine Rodgers (~90 days)



    Please schedule with our available clinicians here. You can also click here to request an appointment/add yourself to our waitlist.

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    Kim Fuller is not accepting new patients and we have closed her waitlist at this time.

    Current clients

    To schedule or cancel an appointment with your clinician, please sign in to the client portal.

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