• Group Therapy

    Group therapy allows people with similar concerns or experiences to learn from a facilitator and each other. We are the experts of our own experiences and being in a group can help us deepen our own self-understanding and growth through the connection with others.

    Queer Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents

    Wednesdays 7-8 PM starting March 8th

    This 10-week group is designed to assist in the processing and healing of wounds for LGBTQ+ adults who have experienced distant, rejecting, self-involved, or emotionally abusive parents. The content will be partially based on the Lindsay Gibson book of the same name, with specific content regarding the layer of queer identity and its influence on these relationships. Participants will learn to identify and process harmful narratives created by their childhood experiences in a mutually supportive environment.


    Cost: $30 per 1-hour session

    Facilitator: Caleb Sargent


    Register by emailing admin@clesexandintimacycounseling.com

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